Create accessibility for yourself

The Thoma Lifter makes you independent. With the Thoma Lifter, you can move between the floors of your living space without assistance. If you are building a new house, you can include the Thoma Lifter in your plans. Existing buildings can be retrofitted with it comparatively easily, both indoors and outdoors. This way, you will remain mobile in your own home in the future.

Freedom of movement for wheelchair users

Especially for wheelchair users and other physically impaired people, the Thoma Lifter allows freedom of movement and independence within their own four walls. The Q 1.5 model is specially designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users. In the spacious cabin, it is possible to turn around one's own axis in the wheelchair, which makes it much easier to get in and out.

Plenty of space on the platform

In the Q 1.5 model with external dimensions of 1.5 x 1.5 meters, you have a maximum of a generous 1.37 x 1.37 meters available on the platform. This gives you and an accompanying person plenty of space and sufficient freedom of movement for turning around your own axis, whether in a wheelchair or with a walking aid.

Reliable and courteous

Thanks to the high quality of workmanship, the Thoma lift is always there for you when you need it. The optional frequency control guarantees ideal holding accuracy on the floors. And if you want, the Thoma Lifter will obligingly open the door for you. With the optional automatic door opener, getting in and out becomes a breeze.

Turning around is easy in the Thoma Lifter.


The platform dimensions of the Thoma Lifter are suitable for persons using a wheelchair pursuant to EN 12183 or an electrical class A wheelchair pursuant to EN 12184 according to regulations prEN 81-41:2007 and EN 81-70.