High-quality and safe

The Thoma Lifter is the low-cost alternative to the "common" elevator, suitable for installation in private homes and in the public area alike. Because high-quality and safe design of all components is very important to us, the Thoma Lifter has been developed according to the latest provisions, the prEn 81-41:2007 and the machinery directive 2006/42/EC, and type-tested by the TÜV. The innovative drive system consisting of electrical motor and toothed belt is working reliably and guarantees for a long service-life.

Surprising capacity

Our small, mobile trade-fair elevator takes the Thoma Lifter to you as well. Many of the visitors experienced the Thoma Lifter up close at the Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition 2011 in Mainz and the May Market 2011 in Mannheim. The Thoma Lifter inspired enthusiasm particularly because it permits easy planning: The elevator is just a system of cabin and shaft frame into which all the technical parts have been integrated. Therefore, the plans do not have to consider separate shaft and control setup areas. Visitors could go on a test ride to experience the spacious properties of the cabin in spite of the small elevator footprint.

Quickly assembled and vibration-insulated

In particular as an outdoors elevator, the Thoma Lifter can be easily placed "as one" with a crane. The entire elevator is installed as a single piece, including shaft frame, cabin, drive, controls and glazing. This makes assembly particularly simple and quick: a 14-meters elevator can be installed in 2-3 hours. If the installation situation requires, the Thoma Lifter can be attached vibration-insulated. This way, it can be directly attached to living rooms or bedrooms without any noises from elevator operation being transferred inside.

Flexible Retrofit

With the Thoma Lifter, we offer our customers a flexible elevator system that makes it particularly easy to retrofit existing buildings. Even where there is very little space, the compact Thoma Lifter can be installed easily, since it brings along its own shaft. In spite of its small size, the cabin is spacious. Since all the technical parts are integrated in the shaft, no separate setup areas are required for drive or controls. Comparatively little constructional changes are required to the building, because brick or concrete shafts can be dispensed with, and a shallow shaft pit of 70 mm is quite sufficient. With its many design options, the Thoma Lifter harmoniously blends with its environment.

Interlift 2009: Successful presentation

The Thoma Lifter was presented to the professional community on time for Interlift 2009. The innovative drive concept with toothed belts and patented diagonal guiding stirred a lot of interest amongst professionals. Only the intelligent solution of shifting the entire drive mechanisms directly into the corners of the shaft makes it possible to plan access to the platform from all four sides. None of the four sides is any longer inaccessible because of drive mechanisms, such as a spindle or a hydraulic piston. It offers architects and professional planners unique flexibility when planning the elevator in the basic floor plan of the building. The combination of exclusive design, well thought out construction and quality of manufacturing convinced visitors at once.