The Q 1.7 -
trade fair novelty at the Interlift 2023

A lifting height of 20 meters, a payload of 675 kg or 9 persons and an operating speed of 1.0 meters per second - these are the most important technical data of our latest lift model Q 1.7, which we will present at Interlift 2023 in Augsburg. It is a further development of our compact Q 1.2 and Q 1.5 lifts and, like them, is supplied and assembled as a complete component including shaft frame.

An elevator for everyone

The Q 1.7 is a complete elevator with car doors and automatically moving sliding landing doors. It does not require a "dead man's control" and may be used by anyone. The digital BUS control system of the Q 1.7 is integrated in the shaft head and ensures that the elevator travels to up to twelve stops with millimeter precision and without creeping. Thanks to the solid drive system consisting of an electric motor and high-quality helical-toothed belts, it also runs in an energy-saving, low-maintenance and extremely reliable manner. With an outer dimension of the shaft frame of 1,700 millimeters, an area of 1.44 x 1.44 meters remains for the cabin! Like the other lifter models, the Q 1.7 is accessible from all four sides if required.

Wide range of designs

Thoma Aufzüge also offers a wide range of design variants for the Q 1.7: As standard, the corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft frame is silver anodized or color powder-coated in white, gray aluminum, dark gray or chocolate brown.

Of course, we can also meet other color requirements. The same applies to the cabin frames. For shaft and booth walls, there is a choice between VSG clear glass or painted glass in RAL color of your choice.

The functioning sample installation of the Q 1.7, which Thoma Aufzüge will be exhibiting at Interlift 2022, has already been inspected by TÜV without any defects. However, due to ongoing patent applications, no pictures of the Q 1.7 may be published yet.

Technical data Q 1.7:

  • elevator according to EN 81-20/50 and therefore usable for everyone
  • system with self-supporting aluminum shaft frame
  • glazing with VSG and dry seals
  • ideal for retrofitting to interior and exterior facades
  • delivery "in one piece", short assembly time
  • access from 4 sides possible
  • elevator without counterweight
  • toothed belt with helical teeth
  • modern fully digital BUS control, integrated in the shaft head
  • direct access of the car

load capacity: 675 kg / 9 persons
speed: v = 1,0m/s
outer dimensions: 1.7 x 1.7 m (shaft outer width x shaft outer depth)
shaft pit: 0,40 m
shaft head: 3.00 m
car width: 1,44 m
car depth: 1,44 m
door widths: 0.80 / 0.90 m
door height: 2,10 m
max. Headroom: 20 m
stops: 12 (maximum)