Reliable, durable and always ready for use

Daily life at home places high demands on a lift. The Thoma Lifter is therefore tested to the highest standards for quality and durability. In endurance testing, we have simulated over 25 years of use - and absolutely trouble-free. With the Thoma Lifter, you are choosing a high-quality and reliable product with a particularly long service life.

Regular maintenance is a prerequisite for long-term trouble-free operation. To ensure that your Thoma Lifter remains well looked after, you can choose from various maintenance options depending on your needs. In a single-family home with an average number of trips, for example, you can assume only one maintenance per year. This means that you can keep your lift ready for use at low maintenance costs.

To keep you on the safe side, we offer you a 4-year warranty in addition to the statutory warranty when you conclude a cost-effective warranty maintenance contract. We give a lifetime guarantee against rust-through on the corrosion-free shaft frame.

The Thoma Lifter is manufactured in Germany and has been type-tested by TÜV. Together with our partners, we install the Thoma Lifter in all European countries.

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