The smart elevator for your home

Its smart elevator concept and high-quality design make the Thoma Lifter your high-performance partner at home:

  • Platform elevator with aluminum shaft frame for inside and outside use.
  • No shaft required.
  • Best utilization of space - up to 76 % of the basic area is used for the platform.
  • Compact construction by diagonal guidance and drive technology in the frame corners.
  • Access from all four sides.
  • Low shaft pit depth (at least 70 mm) and shaft head (at least 2500 mm).
  • Individual equipment for cabin and shaft frame.
  • Solid drive system consisting of electric motor and high quality toothed belt.
  • Long service life,energy saving and low maintenance.
  • Reliable operation also under extreme outside temperatures where hydraulics elevators tend to fail.
  • Simple planning and short assembly times.

More than just an elevator

The Thoma Lifter Q.series is an innovative elevator concept tailored specifically to the private area. However, the elevator is also suitable for public use. The compact elevator will take you up and down comfortably and easily, so you can reach your destination floor without climbing stairs. Thoma Lifter is your strong partner for all transportation tasks. Have him carry your purchases and save your energy for more important things.

Make yourself independent

In particular persons using wheelchairs and older persons will gain freedom of movement and independence in their own accommodations with Thoma Lifter. The Q 1.5 model is specifically designed for the needs of people in wheelchairs. The large cabin makes it possible to turn around in a wheelchair, which makes it easier to get into and out of the cabin.

Would you like some luxury?

The many design options make it possible to adapt Thoma Lifter perfectly to your living ambience. This attractive home elevator is available in unobtrusive and extravagant designs alike. They can be a decorative element in your home and increase your property's value.

Any direction you want

Four sides for possible access make planning easy. The square basic concept with possible access from all sides fits any footprint in new buildings and is just as suitable for retrofitting existing ones.

The Thoma Lifter provides mobility for everyone!